The Nature of Nothing

Normal for Human (The Borg) (Ep #1)

Brad and Dan set out on a quest to understand the Nature of Nothing! Their first adventure has them ponder whether or not they want to see into the future, and if we're all turning into metal zombies!

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The show opens with Brad and Dan discussing their bonafides regarding pop culture, then jump into a game of "Would you rather...?" Are you always early or late to places? What's more important: Money or memories? And, would you want to look into your own future?

Then, later on, our heroes discuss the possibility of humanity turning into the Borg some time into the future, and if that'd actually be a bad thing? (They also figure out the best way to assassinate someone, and how to deal with whistlers. They aren't necessarily the same thing.)

Released on the 5th of December, 2018

Tags: would you rather,borg,star trek,seinfeld,telepathy,whistling,xmen

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