The Nature of Nothing

Get Out Of My Brain (Skynet) (Ep #10)

Not all threats come from nature, so Dan and Brad have to plan how to deal with these post-human adversaries.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Brad and Dan discuss their views on aliens and ghosts, and reveal the jobs they wanted as kids.

Next, they figure out how much privacy they actually need for their homes, as well as the awesomeness of blanket forts!

And, finally, they tackle a looming existential threat to human civilisation: AI and the rise of Skynet. But - don't worry - they figure out how to control him once and for all!

Released on the 20th of February, 2019

Tags: ghosts,aliens,ufology,hidden cameras,skynet,terminator,timetravel,sarah connor,john connor,mr universe,mr awesome,flat earth,moon,mars,high fives,wedgies,high five parade,pillow fort, blanket fort,social media

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