The Nature of Nothing

Full Erotic (Best Monster Roommate) (Ep #2)

As their adventure continues, food becomes an issue, and they have to consider lodgings.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

This week, Dan and Brad have their first themed episode: Halloween! But, first, they voice their concerns about the current state of Big Cereal.

During a game of "Would you rather...?", they figure out if it's better to be loved or feared (and esprit de corps!), at which date number they'd go and see "Fifty Shades of Grey", and if the touch screen rules all. The Sacha Baron Cohen character Borat is also a concern.

During their After Hours-esq discussion, they talk about roommates. Specifically, which mythical/horror creature would make the best rommate! Options include vampires, witches, and many more!

Released on the 12th of December, 2018

Tags: would you rather,cereal,monsters,halloween,halloween episode,witch,gremlin,vampire,werewolf

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