The Nature of Nothing

Hard Stop (Best Gotham City to Live In) (Ep #3)

At a fork in the road, our heroes have to decide which Gotham City is the one for them, as well as how to part ways gracefully.

***Spoiler Alert***

This week, the boys spend way too long talking about Seinfeld (and may even do some impressions!), as well as take a modern look at eternal questions raised in Seinfeld.

Instead of play their regular game of "Would you rather...?", they instead compare themselves to characters in various shows, including Seinfeld, the A Team, and Cracked's After Hours crew.

Later, they take a long, hard look at Batman, specifically asking which version of Gotham City would be the best one to live in for the average Gotham citizen.

Released on the 19th of December, 2018

Tags: would you rather,seinfeld,breakups,batman,bane,impressions,adam west,michael keaton,val kilmer

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