The Nature of Nothing

Kill Enough People (DnD Character Alignments) (Ep #4)

The adventurers learn that they need to define psychopathy, as well as learn what sort of men they want to grow up to be.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Brad and Dan tell gym stories about the people there that weird them out, and we meet the mysterious DoppelDanner. Some important elements of gym etiquette are also defined.

Would you rathers discuss love and power.

During their After Hours, they discuss Dungeons and Dragons character alignments, and how they affect today's society.

Here are the resources we used for this episode:
DnD Superhero Alignments

Released on the 26th of December, 2018

Tags: would you rather,gym,gym stories,doppelgangers,DoppelDanner,dnd,dungeons and dragons,rpgs,alignment,chaotic good,chaotic evil,teleportation,telepathy,mindreading,lotr,lord of the rings,r kelly

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