The Nature of Nothing

Schrodinger's Profession (Multiplicity) (Ep #5)

Life on the road is hard, and Brad and Dan muse over the road less travelled. They also ponder the question of if they should clone themselves.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Brad and Dan (try to) develop some more life rules and etiquette, this time involving elevators.

The Would you rathers (as usual) cover love and regrets, and what they'd do in the past or future.

During After Hours, the seminal 90s classic Multiplicity (starring Batman's Michael Keaton) is used as a framework to discuss whether or not they'd like to clone themselves.

Released on the 2nd of January, 2019

Tags: would you rather,elevators,etiquette,regrets,law and order,time travel,immortality,multiplicity,michael keaton,clones,cloning

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