The Nature of Nothing

This Isn't Society (5G Society) (Ep #6)

The adventurers ponder what happens when they die. Not in a spiritual sense, but with their remains - a common problem when on a quest. They also wonder if it's possible to adventure forever, and never have to go home.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

This week, a new name for the viewers is proposed, and they're sure there won't be any unfortunate consequences!

Next, Brad and Dan discuss nicknames, what they want to happen to their bodies when they die, and the illusions of attraction. Some deep personal flaws are also discussed, as well as tattoos revealing all the bad things you've done.

Later on, they flesh out the 5G Society: When we can cut more and more of our wires and get super-fast internet anywhere, will we still live at fixed addresses, or roam around in RVs and live anywhere we want?

Released on the 9th of January, 2019

Tags: naturists,fans,nicknames,seinfeld,buck naked,swearing,misty rain,richard cranium,would you rather,death,medical research,mind control, pickup lines,high fidelity,ready player one,porn,tattoos,5G society,bioshock,bioshock infinite,vr,virtual reality,travel,remote travel,5g,nsa,work from home,heroin,heroin button,grand canyon,bill gates,steve jobs

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