The Nature of Nothing

Omega Level Nerd (The Worst X-Man) (Ep #7)

Sometimes it's easier to know what you *don't* want in a companion than what you do, so, this week, Brad and Dan figure out who they definitely don't want as an adventuring companion!

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Deep in the past, Christmas is soon arriving, so Dan and Brad decide if they'll do something special for the Naturists. (This may be coming out sooner than you think!)

Is it more dangerous to be attacked by birds or dogs? If you had to be attacked by one over the other, there are definitely pros and cons for each. Also, is it better to run in the rain or hide away inside? And Dan decides between two very socially awkward tasks while dealing with the Pokemon Go problem.

Finally, in their deep dive, the boys create a bracket competition to determine once and for all who is the worst X-man! Sixteen team members go head to head in a knock-out competition to see, once and for all, who the shitest X-man really is!

Who is the worst Xman?

Released on the 16th of January, 2019

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