The Nature of Nothing

X-Treme Justice (The Worst X-Man Finale) (Ep #9)

This week, our heroes discover that it's harder to choose an ally than they originally thought. (Growing out their facial hair proves difficult, too.)

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Up first, Brad and Dan lament their inability to grow facial hair, even now that they're grown men.

Are soulmates a real thing? Would you want to find yours even if they'd die after only a few years? Does that change if you have to fight everyone who wears the same clothes as you?

And, finally, Brad and Dan work out who - once and for all - can be crowned as The Shittest X-Man. (Also who the most delicious one is.)

Who is the worst Xman?

Released on the 6th of February, 2019

Tags: movember,beards,would you rather,x-men,comics,marvel,xmen,body odour,soul mates,lucid dreaming,lsd

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